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Things I did in Missouri

•cried when I saw Thomas (happy tears, of course)
•steak and shake on the way to his house
•got attacked lovingly by his dogs
•watched Frozen (neither of us had seen it)
•slept together
•Red Lobster for lunch
•got a mani/pedi with his mom after we dropped him off at school
•went to the home style store with his mom
•went to michaels with his mom
•got him from school
•watched season 9 of the office continuously with him
•went to his friends house to hangout
•once again cuddled till we fell asleep
•went to the zoo because he only had one class in the morning
•got home and went to his friends house
•more movies, the office, and cuddling
•stayed in because he had class most of the day
•went to his friends house
•Watched the office
•went to dinner and a movie on a double date with his parents
•went to a bonfire
•held onto him because I didn’t want to leave


Anonymous asked:

Hi! So I don't really have experience with world class work but I'm thinking of coming to april camp! I want to audition on weapon as well but do you know the minimum requirements for that? Does surf have an a line/ b line weapon? Because I think I would be more comfortable auditioning for b line if possible :) Btw, I saw your show on the fannetwork and it was beautiful!!! Especially that ensemble flag toss! That was insane with the body under it! Thank you!

Thank you! I’m not involved with the weapon line at Surf but Kayla (icameoutswinging) is, so she probably knows more than me on the subject! Can’t wait to see you at camp! (Sorry for the late reply-I just got back from vacation)

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